12 December 2007

my favorite shoes..

my current favorite shoes... i bought 3 pairs with different color.. black, white and gold.. XD comfortable and cheap.. rm 20 after discount at queen bay mall...
the gold

Golden Triangle Restaurant

This is my first time went to this restaurant at auto city, they got a lot of choice in the menu but some of the things not exist anymore...

The service was not so good; few waitresses can’t talk in Malay or English (the slang) and I think them not local.

After finish our main food, they suppose to serve the dessert but not one even notice it, and I wanted to tell them so they can serve the dessert, but no one even looking to my table... :( So we waited for 15 minutes then someone notice it... ^_*

Tom yam soup was fantastic, nice smell and nice on your mouth too...The nicest food that I order at this restaurant... XD

The dessert (Thap Thim Krop, RM 4.50) was so nice, its make from coconut I think and it’s from
Thailand (I don’t have the picture of the dessert)

I had a bit disappointed to the Nam Prik Kei, like the aroma and taste not special just taste like normal local food... :-(

The coconut (RM 5.50) that I had was not fresh, like they keep too long...

The rice is count by per person, 1 person RM 1.50 and u can add as many as u can.. :-) i think i will go back to the restaurant again for the Tom yam.. hehehe... i love it...

Table for 2

Nam Prik Kei (Laotian food) RM 12.00

Tom yam soup (Thai food) RM 18.00

Kerabu mango (Thai food) RM 13.50

The environment

Enjoy my dinner

04 December 2007

vietnamese wedding

it was the first i went to Vietnamese wedding in parit buntar, it was my friend's brother wedding. he is half Malaysian and Vietnamese and he married with Vietnamese girl. she was very beautiful in her wedding dress.
the happy couple

the bride can not talk any local language at all, so very hard for me to wish her on her happiest day.. ^_^ she just can talk vietnamese which i dont know a word.
the groom need to sing too ^_*

the bride also need to serve the guest on her wedding night, she went to table by table and give the traditional cookies to the guests.. not like chinese culture the bride just need to sit back and relax. *_* she suppose to be the one night princess on the wonderful night on her life. by the way she just only 20 years old.. still very young to marry.. but they love each other to deeply... what to do?? ^_^
there she is, with her happy smile on her face.. :)

the food was cooked by themself, i mean the whole family cooked the dishes.. actually i went on the day that suppose the family and relations only invited. the food was special, i never eat or see before. is macaroni in chicken soup. look not so nice but is tasted good actually.. :)
the special food ^_*

that night it was nice, different things and experience i got... XD