12 December 2007

Golden Triangle Restaurant

This is my first time went to this restaurant at auto city, they got a lot of choice in the menu but some of the things not exist anymore...

The service was not so good; few waitresses can’t talk in Malay or English (the slang) and I think them not local.

After finish our main food, they suppose to serve the dessert but not one even notice it, and I wanted to tell them so they can serve the dessert, but no one even looking to my table... :( So we waited for 15 minutes then someone notice it... ^_*

Tom yam soup was fantastic, nice smell and nice on your mouth too...The nicest food that I order at this restaurant... XD

The dessert (Thap Thim Krop, RM 4.50) was so nice, its make from coconut I think and it’s from
Thailand (I don’t have the picture of the dessert)

I had a bit disappointed to the Nam Prik Kei, like the aroma and taste not special just taste like normal local food... :-(

The coconut (RM 5.50) that I had was not fresh, like they keep too long...

The rice is count by per person, 1 person RM 1.50 and u can add as many as u can.. :-) i think i will go back to the restaurant again for the Tom yam.. hehehe... i love it...

Table for 2

Nam Prik Kei (Laotian food) RM 12.00

Tom yam soup (Thai food) RM 18.00

Kerabu mango (Thai food) RM 13.50

The environment

Enjoy my dinner

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